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Thursday, September 18, 2014.


Welcome to the new website for Celebrate Piano!®, the comprehensive piano method by Cathy Albergo, J. Mitzi Kolar, and Mark Mrozinski.


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New to Celebrate Piano!®? Visit the Products section for a complete overview of the series and its components.

Download Exploring Celebrate Piano!® (our product sampler).


Watch a video podcast of a performance of Turkish Bazaar by Mark Mrozinski.

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I have been one to state that during my thirty years of teaching, I have not found one series that does it all…However, I can say that today after reviewing the latest book of Celebrate Piano!®, I can no longer claim the above statement... I am a perfectionist, and the success of my business (International Music Syndicate) vouches for that particular detail…I will certainly be one organization that will tout the series and will list Celebrate Piano!® and the Celebration Series as the official materials for the IMS.
-Phil Erklen,
President, International Music Syndicate, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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